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Last updated on July 17, 2023

The Alentejo Sustainable Tourism Observatory (ASTO) team visits Mallorca to share best practices with members of the Alentejo Sustainable Tourism Observatory (ASTO). Mallorca

We met with the ASTO team to share work strategies on the different categories that we monitor on the economic, environmental and social impact of tourism.

Both ASTO's Observatory and ours are part of the
INSTO Network Network, a network created to monitor the economic, environmental and social impact of tourism at the destination level. The initiative is based on sustainable and resilient growth of the sector through measurement and monitoring, supporting evidence-based tourism management.

The Sustainable Tourism Observatory of Alentejo, Portugal, is a laboratory based at the University of Évora, which aims to monitor the evolution of sustainable tourism development in Alentejo, assuming the production of information as a fundamental capital for the training of tourism agents in the destination and for the development of the Research and Development system in the region where it operates.

During their stay at Mallorca they also met with Turistec's vice-president for European affairs, Dolores Ordóñez, to discuss information and communication technologies applied to tourism.

They have also visited the environmental technology park, a world reference in waste management, TIRME, the municipal company Calvià 2000, in charge of street cleaning, waste collection, the sewage network and water purification and Hidrobal, water supply management company in the municipality of Calvià.  

Calvia 2000

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