This section includes the publications in report and infographic format on the INSTO categories published in the section of Indicatorsdocumentation on sustainability, circular economy and tourism and relevant information for the analysis, measurement and study of tourism sustainability at Mallorca. 


Economic outlook report 2022

Report on the situation of environmental, economic and social sustainability of Mallorca in the field of tourism.

The Consell de Mallorca, through the Foundation Mallorca Turisme (FMT), promotes the following report on the situation of environmental, economic and social sustainability in Mallorca in the field of tourism so that the Observatory of Sustainable Tourism can...


Tourist seasonality of Mallorca in 2022

The seasonality of tourism in Mallorca can be measured in different ways and taking into account different approaches. 

Based on the assumption that 11.47 million tourists visited Mallorca in 2022, the infographic reflects the historical series of tourist arrivals at Mallorca, the calculation of the Gini coefficient to obtain a value (o-1) indicating the degree of seasonality of the island and the distribution of tourists at Mallorca by month and nationality.

More about INSTO categories

CdM Tourist seasonality

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CdM Wastewater management

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CoM Solid Waste Management

Consult the scorecard on solid waste management 

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