Mallorca presents at FITUR the progress made by the Sustainable Tourism Observatory (STO Mallorca)

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Last updated on May 27, 2022

The island has also promoted its offer of MICE tourism with President Cladera.

On the second day of FITUR in Madrid, the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, along with the Councilor for Transition, Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra, presented the progress made by the island's Sustainable Tourism Observatory (OTS), which will be up and running in March.

Mallorca is the third observatory in Spain, the ninth in Europe and the thirty-first in the world. It will soon provide permanently updated information that will be very useful for defining strategies and making decisions based on real data compared and analyzed from different perspectives. For the first time, it will be possible to measure sustainability and demonstrate the progress of the measures taken with contrasted information.

Cladera said that "Mallorca has long been a leading tourist destination worldwide and now we want to be a benchmark in sustainable tourism" and stressed that with the Observatory "we are launching a key tool to lead the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, modern and fair tourism model for everyone."

"Today we are already moving forward on this path that has no turning back, a strategy that we have set ourselves in the Consell de Mallorca and that runs parallel to the new tourism law of the Balearic Islands and the unique opportunity offered by the European Next Generation funds, which shows that our commitment to sustainability is determined, consistent and systematic," added Cladera. 

For his part, Serra explained the basic functioning of the Observatory by navigating the digital platform: "there will be a total of 700 indicators that will allow us to carry out strategies based on solid and contrasted information from different perspectives such as social, economic and environmental".

In his speech, the councilor showed a practical case of the operation of an OTS, with an analysis of the impact of the different events held at Mallorca during the month of October 2021.

The basis of the OTS is open data, so access to data and reports will be open and accessible to anyone who is interested.

The MICE offer

President Catalina Cladera has previously participated in the presentation of the island councils organized by the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands (AETIB). Cladera has highlighted the MICE offer of Mallorca, which has established itself as a European destination par excellence in this tourism product "thanks to the cosmopolitan and modern proposal, based on experience, professionalism, safety, quality of infrastructure and excellent accommodation offer."

The MICE product of Mallorca is one of the most demanded in Europe for having been able to perfectly combine the territorial and climatic characteristics of the island, with an infrastructure perfectly prepared to meet the specificities of this type of customers.

The president of the Consell Insular, Catalina Cladera, stressed that "the national market is our priority, especially nowadays when visitors reduce the distances they travel and the time they stay, which favours local tourism".

The president stressed that the island has more than 300 facilities specifically prepared for MICE. In addition to these, there are other infrastructures and entities with international recognition for their trajectory and innovation in the tourism sector, such as the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Business Park (ParcBit); the University of the Balearic Islands, which offers R&D activities; and three combined research schools of recognised prestige in Europe: IMEDEA, IFISIC and INAGEA. The island is also home to the Environmental Technologies Park (TIRME), a world benchmark in waste management, which promotes circular economy projects and cares for the environment, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

A compilation of MICE services

Turisme del Consell de Mallorca has prepared a register of companies specialized in MICE, of which a printed edition has been produced and can also be consulted at

It is a very useful tool for accessing the wide network of MICE services at Mallorca, in which the following stand out: 

37 DMCs or full service companies; 

160 hotels with infrastructures adapted to the specific needs of this type of group; 

38 special venues, such as palaces, gardens or stately homes, ensure the success of any event; 

24 companies specialising in MICE experiences of all kinds (adventure, cultural, business...); 

17 companies providing complementary services (audiovisuals, shows, hostesses, etc.); 

13 convention centres, including the Palacio de Congresos de Palma, located in Palma and with accommodation facilities and access to the airport, as well as modern convention centres and auditoriums all over the island; 

12 beach clubs, perfectly adapted to the needs and very versatile for meetings and incentives; 

10 specialised transfer companies;
wineries, venues in natural areas or shopping centres with complementary offers that also perfectly match the specific demands of MICE trips.

Source: Consell de Mallorca

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